Birkirkara FC Youth Academy Coaches Seminar

bkara-youth-academy-coaches-seminar-062014Birkirkara FC organised a seminar for its Youth Academy Coaches, which was lead by the Club’s Head Coach Paul Zammit and the Academy’s Director of Youth Coaching Mark Bondin at Savio College in Dingli on Saturday.

The Birkirkara FC Youth Academy Coaches participated in a seminar with the topic being youth development in football during the morning. The Coaches also had the chance to discuss the situation of Maltese Football, and the vision of the academy, which is to be an elite academy with the mission of preparing the young footballers for senior team football.

The seminar kicked off with a practical session with guest coach Claude Cuschieri of Coerver Coaching. This was followed by a presentation by Mark Bondin, and then Paul Zammit addressed the group.

During the last months, the Academy saw a lot of changes and decisions that augur a bright future. Work for the next season kicked-off by appointing Mark Bondin as the Director of Youth Coaching, commonly referred to as the Head Coach. Coaches for all age groups for the new season have all been appointed. The Academy will from this season also have its own nutritionist, fitness trainer, and goalkeepers’ coach.

The Academy is working hard to enforce its youth sections. Any players who are interested in joining the academy, and who wish to be given the opportunity to join one of Malta’s elite clubs are to send an e-mail to