Sliema Wanderers Football Nursery prepares for Youth Exchange trip

A group of youths from Sliema Wanderers Football Nursery are currently preparing for a youth exchange trip to Ireland in September as part of the Youth In Action project “YES: Youth Embracing Sports” which is part-financed by EU funds.

To prepare for the trip the participants had a series of activities including an educational and cultural trip to Rabat and Mdina which included a visit to Wignacourt Museum. They also participated in a team building activity involving several fun and water games.
This activity helped these youths understand better the characteristics and importance of working in a team which is very much required when it comes to traveling together and playing football.

This Youth In Action project is based on the philosophy that sport is a lot more than just physical activity. While sport can help young people develop healthy lifestyles it can also teach valuable life skills and help with an individual’s personal development process.