Laws of the Game seminar organised by the Youth FA

The Youth Football Association hosted the first session Laws of the Game seminar which aim to create improved dialogue between match officials and nurseries administrators, coaches and teams.

Alex Arena, MFA Referees’ Instructor, delivered a very interesting presentation, highlighting the major points of the Laws of the Game, with special attention being given to the offside and direct free-kicks rules, as well as the need for more discipline and mutual respect.

Mr. Arena said that this seminar would assist each stake-holder with an opportunity to comprehend better the other parties’ understanding of the rules of the game. He concluded his presentation by introducing the latest instructions on the interpretations of the laws of the game, as well as entertaining a highly interesting and engaging question and answer session.

Youth FA Vice President, Robert Attard and Refereeing Operations Administrator, Kevin Azzopardi were in attendance. The second session of this seminar will be held on Tuesday, 26 August at the Centenary Hall, Ta’ Qali at 18.30