Nordic opponents for Malta Under-17, Under-19 sides

The draws for the qualifying rounds of the 2015/16 UEFA European Under-19 Championship and the 2015/16 UEFA European Under-17 Championship were held in Nyon on Wednesday by UEFA Youth & Amateur Football Committee chairman Jim Boyce, accompanied by the captain of Under-19 winners Germany Niklas Stark and the captain of the Netherlands Under-17 side Kaziah Veendorp respectively.

In the UEFA Under-19 Championship, Malta was drawn in Group 6 together with Israel, Denmark, and Iceland while in the UEFA Under-17 Championship, Malta was drawn with in Group 3 with Sweden, Republic of Ireland and Finland.

Malta will be hosting the Under-19 mini tournament which will be played between the 10th and 15th November. The Under-17 mini-tournament will be played between the 24th and 29th September in Finland.

The top two teams in each group along with the third-placed team with the best record against the leading pair will join Spain in the UEFA Under-19 Championship elite round. Germany will host the finals in summer 2016.

In the UEFA Under-17 Championship, the top two in each group along with the five third-placed teams with the best record against the leading pair will join Germany in the elite round in spring 2016. That will eventually decide the 15 teams to join hosts Azerbaijan in the finals that May.

UEFA Under-19 Qualifying Round
Group 1 (13-18 November): Republic of Ireland*, Scotland, Slovenia, Latvia
Group 2 (18-23 September): Croatia*, Hungary, Montenegro, Kazakhstan
Group 3 (11-16 November): Bulgaria, Cyprus*, Poland, Luxembourg
Group 4 (8-13 October): Italy, England, Finland, FYR Macedonia*
Group 5 (10-15 November): Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan*
Group 6 (10-15 November): Israel, Denmark, Malta*, Iceland
Group 7 (10-15 November): Greece, Portugal*, Lithuania, Moldova
Group 8 (12-17 November): Austria, Georgia*, Albania, Wales
Group 9 (11-16 November): Russia*, Norway, Slovakia, Northern Ireland
Group 10 (7-12 October): Netherlands, France*, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein
Group 11 (12-17 November): Romania*, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Andorra
Group 12 (8-13 October): Czech Republic, Serbia, Armenia, Estonia*
Group 13 (7-12 October): Belgium*, Sweden, San Marino, Belarus

UEFA Under-17 Qualifying Round
Group 1 (22-27 October): Switzerland, Netherlands, Albania, Wales*
Group 2 (30 September-5 October): Belarus*, Russia, Montenegro, Cyprus
Group 3 (24-29 September): Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Finland*
Group 4 (24-29 October): Hungary*, Georgia, Romania, Slovakia
Group 5 (24-29 October): Serbia, Austria, Luxembourg*, Lithuania
Group 6 (25-30 October): Poland, Spain, Latvia*, Andorra
Group 7 (26-31 October): Croatia, Czech Republic, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein*
Group 8 (22-27 September): Denmark, Iceland*, Greece, Kazakhstan
Group 9 (29 September-4 October): England, Portugal*, San Marino, Armenia
Group 10 (24-29 September): Turkey, Belgium, Faroe Islands, Slovenia*
Group 11 (20-25 October): Norway, France, Israel*, Northern Ireland
Group 12 (21-26 October): Italy, Scotland, Bulgaria*, FYR Macedonia
Group 13 (26-31 October): Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova*, Estonia