Heavy defeat for Malta in final game

Latvia secured a place in the main qualifying round of the UEFA Futsal EURO after beating Malta 8-0 in a match from the qualifying round Group E mini-tournament at the Corradino Pavillion on Saturday.

They needed to win by three goals to secure qualification and they did not waste any time, bursting three in front within two minutes and adding a fourth shortly after.

A hat-trick by Andres Aleksejevs, a brace from Arturs Jerofejevs and Maksims Sens, Andrejs Sustrovs and were the goal-getters for Latvia.

Meanwhile England beat Andorra 3-2 in the previous match to finish second in the tournament. It was a keenly contested match between two teams that were battling for qualification.

England broke the deadlock after 9 minutes while Ian Parkes doubled the score three minutes later. Andorra went on the offensive, even putting Jonathan Perez as the flying keeper. This move led Perez to reduce the score on 15 minutes. Luke Ballinger made it 3-1 before the break. In the second half, Marcal Raventos scoring his team’s second on 30 minutes. The final moments left everyone on tenterhooks as Andorra were pressing forward with England defending bravely.