UEFA gives MFA Technical Centre go-ahead to hold first UEFA Pro License course

The JIRA panel which met in Prague on June 27 has officially declared that Malta can hold its first pilot UEFA Pro course.

The course will kick-off on September 12, 2015 and will come to an end in April 2017 with the final assessments of the candidates. Mr Frank Ludolph and Mr Dany Ryser assisted Malta’s preparation in February 2015 with the latter being assigned as a mentor by UEFA to assist in the preparation of the course curriculum and organisation. Mr Ryser will be visiting in various modules as a UEFA tutor.

The MFA has received 28 applications for the UEFA Pro. All candidates presented a practical session and sat for an interview. The successful candidates will be informed in due course.

MFA is looking forward to this experience with great enthusiasm as this course will help to upgrade the quality of coaching at our highest levels.

This is a further milestone for the MFA Technical Centre and its Coach Education Department just months after holding the first UEFA A Elite.