Peter Pullicino names national futsal squad

Between the 25th and 28th September 2015, the Futsal National Team would be travelling to San Marino to play two friendly matches in preparation for the 8th FIFA Futsal European Qualifiers in Kaunas Lithuania, where the opponents will be France, Albania and Lithuania.

The mini-tournament will be held between the 22nd and the 25th October.

National Futsal coach Peter Pullicino and his Assistant Zeljko Anicic, have named fourteen players in their provisional list for the San Marino matches.

The provisional squad is made up of: Reuben Grech (Luxol), Matthew Xerxen (Lija), Melvin Borg (Valletta), Glen Bonello (Luxol), Karl Azzopardi (Luxol), George Frendo (Hamrun), Mark Zammit (Luxol), Jovica Milicic (Valletta), Xavier Saliba (Valletta), Gary Inguanez (Lija), Dylan Musu (Valletta), Kurt Bartolo (Lija), Andy Mangion (Hamrun) and Antonello Brincat (Qrendi).