FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifying appointment for Franco Cachia

The UEFA Referees’ Committee has appointed FIFA referee Franco Cachia for a FIFA Futsal World Championship 2016 mini-tournament this week organised by the Football Association of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic, France, Kazakhstan, and Slovenia will be contesting this Main Round Group 5 mini-tournament to be played on the 10th, 11th and 13th December 2015 in the Městská Sportovní Hala in Chomutov.

The other appointed referees are Josip Barton (Macedonia), Alejandro Martinez Flores (Spain) and Oleg Ivanov (Ukraine), while Jan Kliner (Czech Republic) will act as Timekeeper.

Franco Cachia has already been appointed for the following matches:
MD1 Slovenia vs France: as 1st Referee with Josip Barton and Alejandro Martinez Flores;
MD2 Kazakhstan vs Slovenia: as 2nd Referee with Alejandro Martinez Flores and Oleg Ivanov; and
MD2 Czech Republic vs France: as 3rd Referee with Josip Barton and Oleg Ivanov.

Appointments for MD3 will be announced at the end of MD2.