Luxol Youth Development Scheme at Santa Lucia FC

The Luxol St. Andrews and the Santa Lucia Nursery signed an agreement thanks to which the Santa Lucia Nursery will benefit from the expertise of the Luxol Nursery who will effectively take over the running of their nursery as from this season.

Addessing a press conference on Saturday, Pippo Psaila said that thanks to this project, Luxol will be sharing the experience gathered over the past twenty years. He said that Luxol will be handling both the administrative and technical aspects of the Santa Lucia Nursery.

Psaila said that he was sure that this partnership will be the foundation of a long-working relationship. The main factor that led to Luxol and the new St. Lucija FC management to form this cooperation is that both share the same philosophy and love towards the game of football. Both parties believe that this agreement will eventually be beneficial for both clubs as well as for the community within the town of St. Lucija.

Speaking on behalf of Santa Lucia, secretary Paul Sammut said that they were considering teaming up with a foreign club but eventually opted for Luxol since they already have a proven track-record of what the Santa Lucia Nursery was trying to achieve.

A three-day roadshow will be held at the Santa Lucija Ground between the 18th and 20th July with sessions being held between 19:00 and 21:00.

MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo, who was also present for the press conference encouraged other small nurseries to follow this example.