Mosta FC deducted five points, fined €5,000

At a hearing held earlier this week, The Control and Disciplinary Board of the Malta Football Association looked into the charge brought against Mosta FC who were accused of effecting illegal payments to one of their foreign players who is registered as an ‘amateur’ with the Association.

Having analysed the documentary evidence and heard the arguments put forward by the club’s representative, The Control and Disciplinary Board ruled that the money Mosta FC were paying to the said player amounted to a salary rather than a “reimbursement of expenses” in breach of the Malta FA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

In light of this, the Board ordered that Mosta FC be deducted five points from their tally in this season’s Premier League and also imposed a fine of €5,000.

Mosta FC can appeal against this decision.

The Malta FA Prosecutor had filed the charge against Mosta FC on the basis of the report drawn up by the Association’s Board of Inquiry following an inquest into the alleged use of forged documents and false information in applications for work permits of non-EU football players by the same club.

The MFA Board of Inquiry found that the flagged irregularities had occurred and made a series of recommendations to the Association to increase the level of scrutiny for such applications.