Coaching seminar by Sheffield Wednesday head of coach development at Qormi FC nursery

Qormi FC and Sheffield Wednesday FC organised a coaching seminar as part of the existing collaboration between the two clubs. A very strong relationship has been built throughout the past eight years which has resulted in various activities being organised such as training camps held both at the Qormi FC Complex and at the Sheffield Wednesday FC Academy training grounds, trial experiences for young promising Qormi FC players, and now for the first time a coaching seminar focusing on Youth Development.

This seminar was directed by Mr. John Williams, who for the past 34 years has been holding the role of Head of Education and Coach Development at Sheffield Wednesday FC, and also forms part of the English Football Association as a Coach Tutor. All this makes him a very recognised person in English football and one from whom our Youth Nursery coaches, Club Administrators and kids can learn a lot.

The seminar included practical training sessions directed by Mr. Williams, various discussion sessions with our Youth Nursery coaches and administrators about Youth Development, and also overall monitoring of the kids attending training sessions throughout the seminar days. Surely this will be a marked as a very important experience for everyone involved.