‘Towards a Healthier Living’ Project by Pembroke Athleta Football Nursery

The Pembroke Athleta Football Nursery has started the ‘Towards a Healthier Living’ Project by organising a meeting for the parents which was address by University Prof. Suzanne Piscopo, who is the Director of the Project, during which she explained in detail what the project will consist of.

The project aims at educating the children and their parents with regard to a healthier food choice, time-management, exercise benefits, etc.

The sessions programmed for children (aged 4 to 11 years) commenced also with an interactive talk with the Under 7 group which was met with great enthusiasm by the kids. Further sessions were held for the children of the Under-10/11 age groups and the Under-9 and Under-11 groups. Parents were also invited to observe.

The programme materialised as a result of the Youth FA Erasmus EU project which was planned and carried out by Stephanie Rocco including an educational visit to Kilmarnock, Scotland by nine Nurseries’ representatives besides YFA officials last March. Alfred and Yvonne Debono are co-ordinating the Pembroke Athleta F.N. project.