Balzan FC Academy youngsters on training camp in Italy

Seven young players from the Balzan FC Elite Academy are currently on a twelve-day training cap in Italy together with other young players from Sydney, Australia at the AC Milan International academy and to take part in an international tournament in Montecatini Terme.

The young players are Noah Farrugia, Andrea Grech, Brave Azzopardi, Kirsten Galea, Kubilay Karadol, Aidan Cassar and Miguel Busuttil. A member of the Balzan academy coaching staff, Omar Farrugia, joined Andrea Icardi’s staff.

The contingent went first to the Novarello sport centre in Novara and then were due to play friendly matches against Monza, Novara, Alessandria and Genoa.

Former AC Milan player and current head coach of the AC Milan Academy Andrea Icardi said he was glad to help these young players from the Balzan academy in trying to fulfill their dream of becoming professional players. Balzan FC president Anton Tagliaferro said that thanks to such experiences, young players from the academy are getting the opportunity to live the life of a professional player for a few days. he said he hopes the young Balzan players make the most out of this adventure while training for one of the top academies in the world.