BOV Women’s League, Women’s Under-19 League 2018/19 draws

The draws for the BOV Women’s League and the Women’s Under-19 League were held at the MFA Headquarters on Tuesday.

Eight teams will be taking part in this year’s BOV Women’s League – Birkirkara, Fgura United, Hibernians, Kirkop United, Mgarr United, Mosta, Raiders (Luxol) and Swieqi United.

Champions Birkirkara take on rivals Hibernians on Match-Day 1. Swieqi face Mosta, Mgarr meet Fgura and Raiders take on Kirkop in the other matches.

The Women’s Super Cup is scheduled for September 4 and the league is set to start on September 18.

Meanwhile the fixtures for Match-Day 1 in the Women’s Under-19 League are as follows:
Raiders (Luxol) vs Kirkop United
Gozo vs Birkirkara
Zebbug Rangers vs Swieqi United
Hibernians vs Mosta
Mgarr United bye

BOV Women’s League 2018/19

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A Swieqi United B C G E F H D
B Mosta A F C H G D E
C Birkirkara D A B G E F H
D Hibernians C G E F H B A
E Mgarr United F H D A C G B
F Fgura United E B H D A C G
G Raiders (Luxol) H D A C B E F
H Kirkop United G E F B D A C

Women’s Under-19 League 2018/19

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A Raiders (Luxol) B I C H E F G D bye
B Kirkop United A C E G bye I H F D
C Gozo D B A E G bye I H F
D Birkirkara C E G bye I H F A B
E Zebbug Rangers F D B C A G bye I H
F Swieqi United E G bye I H A D B C
G Hibernians H F D B C E A bye I
H Mosta G bye I A F D B C E
I Mgarr United bye A H F D B C E G