Marc Batta leads seminar for elite match officials

The Malta FA Refereeing Centre took full advantage of the recent break for international football and invited over UEFA Referees’ Committee Vice Chairman and UEFA Refereeing Officer Marc Batta for a two-day autumn seminar for all elite match officials and referee observers.

In line with UEFA’s strategy of taking football to the regions, the first day of the seminar was held at the Gozo Stadium and included a practical session, review of video clips as well as the live observation of a match from the GFA Division 1 League albeit the fact that it was abandoned just before half time due to the heavy thunderstorms that struck the islands.

The following day all participants took part in an innovative practical session at the Centenary Stadium during which referees and assistants had to run in trios from one penalty area to another, review a short clip and deciding instantly upon the decision before speeding off to a similar station on the opposite end.

The final session related to group work and a plenary discussion linked to the important theme of teamwork and communication among match officials when deciding crucial decisions in a match.

Upon concluding Malta FA Director of Refereeing Kevin Azzopardi thanked Batta for accepting to come over to Malta for the third time in two years, in itself a recognition of the high esteem the Malta FA Refereeing Centre enjoys among the higher echelons of the UEFA Refereeing Department.

For his part, Batta encouraged all match officials to continue working hard and take heed of the advice give during such events as, at elite level, it is the small detail that makes all the difference.