Malta to face Poland, Sweden and Greece in Futsal EURO

Malta was drawn with in Group C of the UEFA Futsal EURO qualifying round together with Poland, Sweden and Greece. Malta will be hosting the mini-tournament which will be played between January 29 and February 1.

UEFA Futsal EURO 2022 has a new format and an expanded 16-team final tournament in the Netherlands, and for the first time 50 nations have entered, with 33 of them involved in the qualifying round.

Group winners progress directly to the qualifying group stage to join 16 teams given byes.

The nine runners-up and five best third-placed teams (not counting results against fourth-placed teams) enter the qualifying play-offs in April

The qualifying will consist of four stages: qualifying round (mini-tournaments), qualifying round play-offs (home and away), qualifying group stage (home and away) and play-offs (home and away).

Hosts Netherlands enter in final tournament. The teams competing in the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup elite round will enter in the qualifying group stage: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine.

Qualifying Round
Group A: Bosnia and Herzegovina (hosts), Switzerland, Cyprus, Gibraltar
Group B: Belgium (hosts), Montenegro, Armenia, Scotland
Group C: Poland, Sweden, Greece, Malta (hosts)
Group D: Albania, Bulgaria (hosts), Andorra, San Marino
Group E: Hungary, Turkey, Lithuania (hosts), Northern Ireland
Group F: Georgia (hosts), Kosovo, Germany, Austria
Group G: Latvia (hosts), Denmark, Estonia
Group H: Moldova (hosts), England, Israel
Group I: North Macedonia (hosts), Norway, Wales