The Dimbros-Nilmar Soccer Tournament 2020 kicks-off on Monday

The Dimbros-Nilmar Soccer Tournament 2020 kicks-off on Monday at the Charles Abela Stadium, Mosta.

Participating in the tournament apart from hosts Mosta, are Gudja United, Senglea Athletic, newly-promoted Lija Athletic and Zejtun Corinthians while Valletta will be replacing Birkirkara. The Citizens will, however, participate with their youth team considering their participation in the UEFA Europa League.

A maximum of 80 spectators will be allowed on the stands.

17.08.2020 18:30Mosta vs Gudja U.
17.08.2020 20:30Valletta vs Zejtun C. (postponed)
18.08.2020 20:00Lija A. vs Senglea A.
20.08.2020 20:00Gudja U. vs Zejtun C.
21.08.2020 18:30Valletta vs Lija A.
21.08.2020 20:30Mosta vs Senglea A.
24.08.2020 18:30Mosta vs Lija A.
24.08.2020 20:30Valletta vs Gudja U.
25.08.2020 20:00Senglea A. vs Zejtun C.
27.08.2020 20:00Gudja U. vs Lija A.
28.08.2020 18:30Valletta vs Senglea A.
28.08.2020 20:30Mosta vs Zejtun C.
03.09.2020 20:00Lija A. vs Zejtun C.
04.09.2020 18:30Senglea A. vs Gudja U.
04.09.2020 20:30Mosta vs Valletta