The Dimbros-Nilmar Soccer Tournament 2020: Second win for Senglea

Senglea Athletic registered a second win in the Dimbros-Nilmar Soccer Tournament 2020 which is being held at the Charles Abela Stadium, Mosta.

A goal by Miodrag Milenkovic mid-way in the second half handed Senglea Athletic the three points.

In another match, Lija Athletic and Valletta (Youths) shared the spoils in a 3-3 draw. At half-time, Lija were leading 3-1. Goals by Miguel Perez Jimenez (2) and Ryan Darmanin for Lija, Miguel Micallef and a brace by Isaiah Micallef for the Citizens.

24.08.2020 18:30Mosta vs Lija A.
24.08.2020 20:30Valletta vs Gudja U.
25.08.2020 20:00Senglea A. vs Zejtun C.
27.08.2020 20:00Gudja U. vs Lija A.
28.08.2020 18:30Valletta vs Senglea A.
28.08.2020 20:30Mosta vs Zejtun C.
03.09.2020 20:00Lija A. vs Zejtun C.
04.09.2020 18:30Senglea A. vs Gudja U.
04.09.2020 20:30Mosta vs Valletta