Malta vs Russia should go ahead as scheduled

The match from the European Qualifiers leading to the 2022 FIFA World Cup between Malta and Russia in programme at the National Stadium on Wednesday March 24 should go ahead as scheduled following the publication of a legal notice which hands the Superintendent for public health the possibility to exempt national teams.

On Wednesday, all organised sport activities had been suspended until April 11th leading all sports associations to cancel their activities.

However with the publication of Legal Notice 93 of 2021, “the Superintendent for public health may, in her discretion and subject to any conditions she may deem necessary, exempt national Maltese sport teams from these regulations in exceptional or necessary cases including international games.”

In fact, Prof Charmaine Gauci confirmed on Friday that talks between Health Authorities and the Malta Football Association are underway since a strict protocol has to be adhered to.

On Thursday, national coach Devis Mangia named a 30-man squad ahead of this game against Russia and the two away matches against Slovakia in Trnava on March 27 and Croatia in Rijeka on March 30.