Futsal Malta Association hopes to complete 2020/21 league

The Futsal Malta Association is hoping to complete the Futsal League 2020/21 once the ban on organised sports is lifted by health authorities.

In a statement, signed by FMA president Mark Borg, the association said that with the backing of the clubs, it remains hopeful “for a decent closure of the national futsal league”. The FMA said that it has prepared a safe return to play plan which includes a reduced version of the national league.

“Further to the Public Health authorities’ non committal on the re-opening of organised sports activity earlier this week, and in the light of yesterday’s press release issued by the Malta Football Association, we would like to clarify our position.”

“Within the parameters of the MFA discussions, the Futsal Malta Association, backed by its clubs, has decided to persist and continue to remain hopeful for a decent closure of the national futsal league. We have devised a cautious ‘safe return to play’ plan complemented by additional protocol measures, which includes a reduced version of the national league. “

“We ought to highlight the fact that despite our relatively small association, futsal ranks 17th in Europe in terms of futsal club level and our champions has been participating in the UEFA Futsal Champions League Main Round for the past years without exception.  Our current champion, Luxol St. Andrews, has also featured as finalists in the Sportmalta awards for ‘Team of the Year Award’ for two consecutive years.”

“In the light of the above, we will be meeting our clubs again next week to discuss further details.”