GFA competitions for 2020/21 abandoned

The Gozo Football Association announced that all Competitions at all levels, including those organised by the Gozo Youth FA, have been abandoned as the ‘Force Majeure’ regulations, which were introduced prior to the beginning of the 2020/2021 season, have been applied.

The decision was taken following an online meeting of the GFA Council that analysed the latest developments regarding the restrictions due to the pandemic of COVID-19, including the extension of the Legal Notice 93 of 2021. The Association, together with the Clubs expressed disappointment that significant efforts have been made in the past months to sustain this level of competition but still cannot resume to wrap up the season.

Taking into consideration the fact that the prolonged ban on contact sports gives uncertainty and lack of direction one had to rely on the new rule of ‘Force Majeure’, which states: “Where, in extraordinary circumstances, any of the League competitions is terminated prematurely due to the impossibility of its natural completion for reasons beyond the control of any party”.  In these circumstances, the Gozo Football Association declared the current Competitions abandoned as the 75% threshold of the league matches was not reached.