Malta drawn once again with Denmark and Bosnia Herzegovina in 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

The Malta women’s national team was drawn with Denmark, Russia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Azerbaijan and Montenegro in Group E of the European Qualifying Competition for the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

Denmark and Bosnia Herzegovina were in the same group with Malta in the last edition of the UEFA Women’s EURO. Denmark and Russia are taking part in UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 from 6 to 31 July.

The qualifying stage will be played in the following days:
13–21 September 2021
18–26 October 2021
22–30 November 2021
4–12 April 2022
29 August–6 September 2022

The winners of the nine qualifying groups will progress directly to the finals in Australia and New Zealand.

The group runners-up take part in the UEFA play-offs in October 2022.

Qualifying groups

Group A: Sweden, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Georgia

Group B: Spain, Scotland, Ukraine, Hungary, Faroe Islands

Group C: Netherlands, Iceland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Cyprus

Group D: England, Austria, Northern Ireland, North Macedonia, Latvia, Luxembourg

Group E: Denmark, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Malta, Montenegro

Group F: Norway, Belgium, Poland, Albania, Kosovo, Armenia

Group G: Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Moldova, Lithuania

Group H: Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria

Group I: France, Wales, Slovenia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Estonia