Enemed new sponsors for Futsal League

Enemed have been unveiled as the new sponsors of the Futsal Malta Association league which is expected to start in October.

FMA president Mark Borg told a news conference on Friday that this was welcome news for Maltese futsal which in recent years has been in the forefront in upholding the prestige of the game and maintain the desired progress.

He said that it was very satisfying for the association to obtain this sponsor as the financial support will help to develop more this game and eventually reach more objectives that the association has set. One of them would be the creation of the Under 19 League. 

Borg thanked Enemed, a well established company, for their sponsorship and reiterated that the association will make good use of the financial support to develop this game furthermore.

Mr. Kevin Chircop, chief executive officer of Enemed also addressed the conference and expressed his company’s eagerness to assist associations who have a clear vision, objectives and administrative structure. He stated that FMA have showed through their persistence and professionalism that the association is up for any challenges. Kevin Chircop further continued that in the past month when he was following futsal he has become also a passionate follower of the game and is looking forward for the next season.

The Enemed Futsal League 2021/22 branding was unveiled and details about the competition will be given to the clubs on due course. Applications for registration will be opened next week.