Malta dares to dream…

There has been a lot of excitement in world football recently due to the current international fixtures over the weekend. Of course, it’s Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying matches that have seen some nations that have reached herd immunity in their vaccination programmes welcome fans back to the stadiums to watch live football. Malta is also involved in these qualifiers and enjoyed a massive win over Cyprus on Wednesday.

Malta had never managed to obtain more than four points in a World Cup qualifying group and the best record for the boys in red is obtaining five points in the EURO 2008 qualifiers. Therefore, having obtained four points so far, Malta has a chance to make history. Football is an unpredictable game; anything can happen so pundits and fans can underestimate Malta at their own peril. It can be argued that after so many years of investments in local grassroots football, the Maltese now has assembled their golden generation of players that can compete in international football. Soccer fanatics also have the option of playing exciting casino games during half-time breaks or match build-ups from the comfort of their homes. Examples of possible casino games on offer can be viewed at online casino United States website.

Football pundits like to make predictions of how the World Cup qualifying group standings will be when all matches have been played. It is obvious that nations like Malta with little or no fascinating football history will be given the underdog tag as the whipping boys of their group. Although Malta’s group does not involve other football lightweights, Malta still has a good chance to beat some of their rivals and draw matches with stronger teams. Anything can happen in football and thus, Malta can dare to dream!

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