Maltese football reaches dizzy heights

In a world that is dominated by the traditional footballing giants such as Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, just to mention but a few; football authorities in Malta have made tremendous progress in developing the sport of football.

It is not easy for a small nation like Malta that sits in the lower echelons of global football community to compete with the more fancied famous soccer giants. It is common knowledge that the small nation of Malta has been viewed as one of international football’s perennial underachievers to set up football structures from grassroots level up to national levels. Huge financial investments have been made into local Maltese grassroots football structures with a view to see Malta rubbing shoulders with football’s greatest nations at the international soccer showcase, the EURO or the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament every four years.

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There can be no doubt that one day Malta will reach the promised land of a final tournament – the EURO or the FIFA World Cup. Grassroots football development is an exercise that requires meticulous planning and a robust financial investment to support the running of the programme to completion.

One of the major reasons for the failure of smaller nations to increase their football prospects in terms of competitiveness is due to the serious lack of financial investment in the growth and development of local football structures. However, Malta has witnessed a steady growth of financial support in local football that has led to the small nation starting to export their local football talent to the bigger elite European soccer leagues. Alternative forms of entertainment such as pokies for real money at licensed Australian brick and mortar casinos.