Jubilant cheers as stadiums welcome back spectators

The current entertainment arena has been overshadowed by the global pandemic which has decimated the livelihoods of many stakeholders. For the local football fraternity in Malta, everyone was forced to take a pandemic-induced football hiatus. Thus, many business suffered and players went on an indefinite sabbatical from football that significantly prejudiced their financial situations as sponsorship and endorsement deals were put on hold.

Maltese clubs also witnessed severe losses in revenue derived from gate takings due to the global total shutdown and subsequent national lockdowns. It was a huge adjustment to make for local football fans in Malta who had to endure a protracted and agonising period without their favourite sport of football. Many habitual football fanatics turned to other forms of entertainment such as casino games, online pokies and responsible gambling. Most football fans had become accustomed to a second post-work hobby playing casino games on top online casino.

It is not an easy thing to do to change one’s past time hobby. the transition from a lifetime hobby to a completely new one is an uphill task for the average human being. For most people in Malta, the wait for a return to live football games in stadiums was long overdue. Due to the current pandemic, fans had to wait a little longer to return to the stadiums to watch their favourite Maltese football teams playing.

Many sponsorship deals were reviewed amidst the turbulent commercial side of sport that had been disrupted. For the average fan, football without fans in the stadiums is not the same as capacity-full stadiums. Even players themselves prefer playing football in front of their vociferous fans in the terraces. However, a considerable number of fans found new hobbies during total lockdowns without live football matches in stadiums by playing casino games such as machines a sous en ligne their favourite casino brand.