The Maltese need a winning mentality

The international break in the football world is a period where nations temporarily stop their domestic league games and focus on international soccer matches. These international fixtures are usually qualifiers for the world’s biggest soccer showcase the FIFA World Cup and European Championships pitting nation versus nation for the sole ticket to qualify for any of the above international football competitions.

Malta is a relatively small nation in football terms but they stand a good chance of qualifying for the World Cup next year 2022 in Qatar. Currently sitting in fifth position, Malta is not very far from the third placed Slovakia and with the next game again Slovenia on 8 October around the corner, Malta can shock the whole world of football by winning their last few games left. Football is an unpredictable sport where anything can happen; any result is possible. Even the habitual sports betting people have an opportunity to make millions by betting for an unlikely Malta victory against any of the big guns in their group which includes Croatia and Russia. Many sports betting enthusiasts are also keen gaming fanatics who occasionally visit online casino AU demo play review site  to get a glimpse of the available casino games and get a chance to win some big money and bonuses.

Some within the international football fraternity including pundits argue that the only thing that Malta lacks is a winning mentality. Upon closer analysis of the recent football matches that Malta played, it can be argued that they have assembled a decent football team that is capable of defeating any European team on any day. What is needed is thorough preparation and a winning mentality. One of the major reasons why small footballing nations are always perennial underachievers is because they lack the right mindset to win the important games. Victory starts in the mind and that’s the role that psychologists can play to mentally prepare players before a big game by giving them a winning mentality. Psychologists can also encourage players to get enough rest the day before a big match by relaxing while playing exciting casino game such as real money pokies in order to ease the pressure on the eve of a big football crunch tie.