FIFA badges presented to match officials

The Refereeing Department within the Malta FA took advantage of the weekend off from domestic action to summon all officials for a purposeful seminar and an in-depth overview of matters so far related to performances by match officials and ahead of an eventful and busy end of season coming up.

This event that was held over the weekend also included the presentation of FIFA Badges by Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo in the presence of other top officials, General Secretary Dr. Angelo Chetcuti, Vice Presidents Dr Matthew Paris and Adrian Casha, Referees Department Director Alan Mario Sant and referee’s board secretary Josef Mifsud.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Gatt / Malta FA

The four FIFA Referees who received their badge were confirmed from previous year, these are Ishmael Barbara, Matthew DeGabriele, Philip Farrugia and Trustin Farrugia Cann.

The eight FIFA Assistant Referees also remained unchanged, these are Alan Camilleri, Christopher Francalanza, Luke Portelli, Mitchell Scerri, Edward Spiteri, Jurgen Spiteri, Duncan Sultana and Roberto Vella.

Two FIFA Futsal Referees, Clint Cassar and Stephen Vella, together with three FIFA Beach Soccer Referees, Pierre Bonnici, Stefania Bonnici and Andrea Naudi.

Prior to presentation of FIFA badges Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo lauded the achievements by match officials over recent months.

“Domestically there is room for improvement but the overall judgement is a positive one”.

Vassallo also sent his best wishes to all match officials ahead of this eye-catching end of season unfolding with few thrilling encounters coming thick and fast in the weeks to come after this international window.

Malta FA President also commended all seventeen officials who received their badges and who will surely serve as a role model and an inspiration to the younger generation of referees and assistants who will be vying to follow these footsteps and be rewarded for their accomplishments in the years ahead.

“The increasing amount of international appointments over the previous months is yet another testimony of the work being carried out in the referees department”, Malta FA President Vassallo concluded.

Finally it is worth singling out the truly outstanding feat by Assistant Referee Alan Camilleri for his landmark 20th FIFA Assistant Referee Badge having been on the International List since 2003.