Five of The Greatest Maltese Footballers Of All Time

Since the mid-19th century, football has been a popular sport in Malta. The nation has played in over 420 international fixtures and has regularly competed in both the UEFA European Championship and FIFA World Cup. Over time, certain players have secured their place of honour in the annals of Malta football.

1. Carmel Busuttil 

Former striker, Carmel Busuttil, though fourth in number of caps, at 113, and second in number of goals for Malta, at 23, is nonetheless regarded by many as the greatest Malta football player of all time. Since his humble beginnings with Rabat Ajax in 1979, Busuttil has broken several records, and gathered numerous awards and decorations. 

This includes the Midalja għall-Qadi tar-Repubblika, the Medal for Service to the Republic, awarded to him by the president of Malta. Busuttil ended his career in 2001 as one of the most prominent goal scorers in Premier League history, with 93 goals. At the UEFA Jubilee Awards in 2004, he was awarded as Malta’s most outstanding player over the past 50 years.

2. Michael Misfud

Malta’s most capped player, Mosta FCs top striker, Michael Misfud, is also one of the most celebrated, and has held the national record of 143 appearances since 2020. This broke David Carabott’s record of 122 appearances, held since 2016. 

Misfud is also the nation’s top goal scorer, at 42 goals in 143 games. Over his lengthy career, he has played for prominent football clubs in Germany, Norway, and the UK. In 2001 and 2003, he was voted Maltese Sportsperson of the Year.

3. David Carabott

Australian-born defender and midfielder, David Carabott, known as Malta’s second most capped player at 122 appearances, was at one point, also Malta’s highest goal scorer. Carabott retired in 2011 to coach and manage football teams, the latest being Marsa FC, for whom he is the current manager. Carabott’s almost three-decade career saw him scoring a number of important goals, most notably against England in 2003.

4. Gilbert Agius

Ex-footballer Gilbert Agius began his professional career in 1990 when he joined Valletta FC, in Malta’s capital. Capped at 120 appearances, he has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in Malta football, noted particularly for his loyalty to his hometown club. After his retirement, which would have left him with plenty of time to enjoy playing at an online gambling casino, Agius went on to manage Valletta from 2012-2020. In 2021, he was enlisted as head coach for the Malta National Under-21 team.

5. Joe Brincat

Capped at 103 appearances for the Maltese national football team, Joe Brincat’s professional football career stretched from 1998-2007. It saw him play for major football clubs such as Birkirkara FC, Sliema Wanderers, and Floriana FC. Brincat was a key player in the Hamrun squad, and competed extensively in the Premier League, FA trophy, Maltese Super Cup, and Euro Cup.

There are plenty more great Maltese football players to add to the list, and many up-and-coming young players to look out for. Keep your eyes on the game. Who knows? The next great Maltese football champion may be at hand.