Malta FA Executive Board meets to discuss Devis Mangia case

The Executive Board of the Malta Football Association convened for an urgent meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the case  concerning Devis Mangia, the Head Coach of the National Teams, who has been  temporarily relieved of his duties in light of allegations of misconduct made by a  national team player. 

Bjorn Vassallo, the President of the Malta FA, gave a step-by-step account of the  events that led the Association to temporarily suspend Mangia once the player  reported the matter to Malta FA officials. 

The Malta FA President explained the course of action undertaken by the  Association after speaking to the player who was immediately offered any  support needed. The Executive Board members were briefed on the nature of the  misconduct claims allegedly stemming from inappropriate conversation. 

Pre-employment and ongoing background checks 

The background checks carried out by the Association before engaging the  services of Mangia as Head Coach of the National Teams were explained in  chronological order during the Executive Board meeting. 

At the time, the only claim concerning Mangia was an unfounded media report  in Italy going back to 2016. The Malta FA ascertained that, at no time, there had  been any disciplinary, criminal or proceedings of any other nature against Mangia  at any level prior to his appointment as Head Coach of the National Teams in  December 2019. It was also confirmed that his coaching licence had always been  recognised and renewed accordingly.

As part of the Association’s ‘Know Your Client’ protocol, introduced in 2017,  the monitoring is ongoing and this applies to all coaching staff. In addition, the  Association files a court application with the Court of Voluntary Jurisdiction on  a yearly basis in accordance with Chapter 518 of the Laws of Malta (The  Protection of Minors (Registration) Act). 

Malta FA Pesident Bjorn Vassallo said: “It is of paramount importance that we  explain the background checks undertaken by the Association prior to Mangia’s  appointment. This detailed account shows that, contrary to speculation, the Malta  FA was thorough in its efforts to assess the coach’s background based on official  information provided by entities rather than relying on speculation. 

“The fundamental point is that we have an obligation to explain everything in an  open and transparent manner. We will also be doing everything in our power to  protect the identity and integrity of the players concerned.” 

Procedures in place 

The Executive Board ratified the decision to suspend Mangia temporarily while initiating the internal procedures. 

The matter has been referred to the Association’s Safeguarding Officer to  investigate the allegations made, gather information and compile a report about  the case. The inquiry will commence immediately and the report will be  submitted to the Safeguarding Board in accordance with a time table set by the  Executive Board. The Safeguarding Board, led by Chairman Andrew Azzopardi,  is responsible for taking decisions related to safeguarding investigations. 

President Bjorn Vassallo informed the Executive Board that the Association will  be keeping UEFA updated on the steps being taken.  

The Executive Board resolved that it will leave no stone unturned in its pursuit  of facts and reiterated its full trust in the Association’s structures and processes. To this effect, the Association is always open to any form of whistleblowing and  all reports of this nature are treated very seriously.