Esports Betting vs Race Betting: Which One Is More Profitable?

The global betting industry has become a serious thing in the last few years. The reasons for that are very diverse. First of all, betting can be accessed by everyone thanks to advanced technology and online bookmakers. On top of that new betting markets like esports and virtual betting appear. These new opportunities make betting more attractive for the younger generation.

When it comes to betting, the only thing that matters is profit. Some types of betting have a better winning potential than others. You can observe this very fact in the example of horse racing and esports betting.

Which Is More Profitable Horse Race Betting or Esports Betting?

If you have many betting interests covered at, you should pick the one with the highest profit. Esports betting and horse racing seem to be two different stories. But they often have the same followers. Let’s explore their concepts and states of profitability.

Esports Betting

Esports betting is a new form of betting that has experienced great growth in the last several years. In 2022, the betting market reached a value of 77 billion dollars.

The esports betting market value has approximately $20 billion in 2022. Its revenue is projected to reach $37 billion by 2025. This will make up 50% of the global betting value across all sports. So, esports is definitely a serious betting category that promises serious profits. Why is it the case? And what benefits can it offer? Here is the explanation:

Selecting from the Variety of Games

Bettors have plenty of options to bet on. Esports tournaments and professionally organized gaming competitions have become common things these days. They allow bettors a non-stop action.

Odds of Esports

Apart from a great selection of video games, esports also provides attractive odds. This is another reason why esports betting is becoming more popular. Since the industry is in expansion, many bookmakers provide great odds, especially for titles that are less popular.

Many In-Play Markets

The options to bet on are diverse. The market of video games is constantly growing by introducing more and more titles to the audience. CS:GO, Dota, LoL, and Fortnite are some primary options to choose from.

While all games are different from each other, they have different aspects to bet on. These include the number of kills, scores, winners, strategies, and more.

Horse Racing Betting

Even though betting on horse racing may seem old-fashioned to someone, it’s not. It is a great way to earn serious money. Moreover, it is incredibly interesting to follow the preparation for horse racing tournaments and see the event itself.

Horse racing is one of the oldest betting options in sports, while esports betting is surely one of the newest ones. Horse racing relies on rich traditions. Despite the lack of coverage in media resources, it has a lot of fans around the world.

Odds of Horse Racing

Horse racing comes up with incredible odds from numerous bookmakers. As a result, potential profits will be surprisingly high.

Rise of Horse Racing

In the last couple of years, horse racing has started increasing its popularity in the betting community. This traditional kind of sports gets into the second wave of popularity, which promises more races and special horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby.


Horse racing is one of the traditional sports with a long history. It has a huge volume of data that can be accessed by bettors. Consequently, it gives you more resources to make a correct bet.

Now That It’s Time to Place a Bet…

So, should you go for esports betting or horse race betting? Unfortunately, nobody can give you a 100% accurate recommendation. With more or less similar profits, both kinds of betting are worth your attention. You should listen to your intuition. What seems more interesting to you? What do you feel like sticking to in a long-term perspective?

By the end of the day, the most financially attractive sport to bet on is the one that you are the most experienced in. So, if you are fond of esports games, this will be the best option for you. You will simply be able to make better decisions, guaranteeing bigger profits and vice versa.