Coaches for the Malta National Team over the years

An able coach can inspire a team to new heights. The coach can be the guiding light as they drive the team to achieve the success that might otherwise have been impossible.

Speaking of inspiring coaches, one must mention the change in fortunes brought about by the Maltese national football team coaches. Let’s talk about some of the most memorable coaches Malta’s team had over the years.

The Prominent Coaches of Maltese Football

Many bright and inspiring coaches led the way for Malta’s national football team. For instance, Horst Heese is still beloved by many and seen as one of the best coaches. He managed the team on two different spells. The first one was from 1988 to 1991. The second one lasted from 2003 and 2006. In total, he was in charge during 51 matches.

Let’s see other memorable names that have helped the team in more ways than one.

Joe A. Griffiths

Maltese football took its baby steps with Joe Griffiths as the first coach from 1957-1961. He used to believe in organized coaching strongly, and he tried to make the authorities agree to have a foreign tutor who would hold courses in Malta. Having completed the FA Coaching Course, Griffith was the coach at many clubs in Malta, including Rabat and Hibernians.

Griffiths was the first coach the MFA employed. He was also on the technical board later and served as the national team’s director on many occasions. Griffiths’ contributions to Maltese football were recognized by the MFA, which awarded him the MFA gold medal ‘For Merit.’

Pippo Psaila

Pippo Psaila of Malta, the coach from 1991-1993, also had a notable influence on Maltese football. Under his guidance, the Malta national football team had a decent record. Of the 17 matches played between 1991 and 1993, Malta managed to win five games and drew a further four.

It lost eight games which meant a win percentage of 29.4.

Dusan Fitzel

The Maltese national football team had another promising phase when it had Dusan Fitzel as the coach from 2006-2009. In a stunning achievement, Malta beat Hungary 2-1. This was followed by a 2-2 draw against Turkey, the 2002 football World Cup bronze winners.

His exploits with the Maltese football team earned Dusan the nickname “La Valette” from fans who were reminded of the accolades Maltese grandmaster Jean de la Valette brought home.

Devis Mangia

When Devis Mangia took over, the Maltese national team was struggling. It was the minnows of international football, and people mediocre expectations. Devis Mangia took control of things, and the change in fortunes was something football lovers in Malta had waited for.

Many believe that Mangia transformed the Maltese national football team into a fighting unit. Those who were minnows for a long would now put up a decent show. Devis led the Malta national football team in 26 matches, of which he won 9 and drew five.

Devis Mangia’s promising association with the Maltese national football team ended bitterly. Last September, a player from the national team, later joined by another, accused Mangia of sexual harassment and misconduct.

There are reports that there were recordings on mobile phones of the alleged misconduct that have been forwarded to the Malta Football Association. The matter has also been reported to the police by the football association.

Such accusations should always be taken seriously, and Devis Mangia officially resigned in November. However, the details around the resignation have been limited, with Mangia denying the allegations of wrongdoing.

What happens now?

Devis Mangia’s three-year coaching career is temporarily being replaced by Under-21 manager Gilbert Agius as interim coach. He managed the team for the friendlies in November, working together with Davide Mazzotta, a senior assistant coach. Furthermore, Alessandro Zinnari had been promoted to assistant coach.

Everyone hopes that the change in leadership won’t affect the players. We hope to see many great moments from the team. If you are unable to catch up on the latest action, have no fear. You can always download VPN apps and change your virtual location. Thus, you can pick Malta even if you have traveled abroad for a quick trip. Then, you can still access local broadcasters and see the team in action. A Virtual Private Network is a security application that protects you online and changes your IP address.


With their wise strategies and motivational sessions, coaches can help their teams reach the pinnacle of success. We hope the Maltese national football team survives and thrives after the turbulent changes.