UEFA Under-17 Championship 2023/24: Malta drawn with Spain, Slovakia and North Macedonia

Malta was draw in Group 8 with Spain, Slovakia and North Macedonia in the 2023/24 UEFA European Under-17 Championship qualifying round. The mini-tournament will be played in Malta between October 25 and 31, 2023.

The draw has set 13 groups of four to be contested as one-venue mini-tournaments between 27 September and 21 November 2023.

In all, 52 nations will be involved in the qualifying round: the 54 entrants minus hosts Cyprus (who qualify direct for the final tournament) and top seeds Netherlands (who enter in the elite round). 

The top two teams in each group will progress to the elite round along with the five third-placed teams with the best records against the top two in their section.

Qualifying round draw

Group 1 (11–17 October): Denmark, Austria, Georgia (hosts), Lithuania 

Group 2 (27 September–3 October): Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Moldova (hosts)

Group 3 (15–21 October): Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Liechtenstein (hosts)

Group 4 (21–27 October): Serbia (hosts), Slovenia, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan

Group 5 (15–21 November): Portugal (hosts), Czechia, Montenegro, Albania

Group 6 (15–21 November): France, Norway, Romania (hosts), Estonia

Group 7 (21–27 October): Türkiye (hosts), Scotland, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Group 8 (25–31 October): Spain, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Malta (hosts)

Group 9 (3–9 November): England, Croatia (hosts), Kosovo, Faroe Islands 

Group 10 (11–17 October): Republic of Ireland (hosts), Switzerland, Iceland, Armenia 

Group 11 (25–31 October): Italy (hosts), Greece, Northern Ireland, San Marino

Group 12 (11–17 October): Belgium, Israel (hosts), Wales, Gibraltar

Group 13 (25–31 October): Hungary (hosts), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Andorra