What to do in Malta?

Malta is a picturesque island state, which captivates with its beauty from the first minutes, offering a sea of ​​opportunities for an exciting and varied holiday. It can be not only sightseeing tours but also other activities that will make the trip truly unforgettable. Tourists who are planning a trip to this hospitable country should prepare in advance and choose an activity for an interesting pastime.

Offline and online casino

While visiting Malta, you can combine business with pleasure, for example, get an adrenaline rush and the opportunity to increase your capital by going to local casinos. One of the features of this country is the absolute legalization of all types of gambling entertainment, as well as their excellent regulation. In this regard, everyone will be able to find a suitable gambling hall on the island, which has existed for quite a long time.

In addition to land-based casinos, there are also online casinos on the island that offer a high level of service and a variety of gambling games available. Also, local gaming platforms are actively developing, keeping up with the times, and meeting the requirements of modern users. So, here you will find btc casino and those gambling sites that accept other types of digital currencies, which is in great demand among gamblers.


Of course, gambling is not the only area that is highly developed on the island. Traveling to Malta is, first of all, an opportunity to see a new country for yourself and visit places of incredible beauty. In a small state, tourists are offered many excursions and activities:

  • fascinating excursion on the ship;
  • a walk through the old Valletta;
  • carefree vacation on the Maltese coast;
  • water fun in the water park;
  • quad biking adventure on the island of Gozo;
  • breathtaking parasailing;
  • visiting the incredible Blue Grotto.

And this is not a complete list of possible tourist adventures, which can be supplemented with other exciting activities.


If you love water activities and want to get to know the amazing underwater world, then Malta is the perfect destination for this. The island has a unique seabed topography and a huge choice of places for its exploration, due to which it has practically no competitors in this regard throughout the Mediterranean.

Even if you have never dived before, you can still get a lot of pleasure from such entertainment. There are a large number of dive schools in Malta, in which everyone is taught the correct dive, which can be mastered with an experienced instructor.

Bars and clubs

After interesting excursions and diving, you can visit bars and nightclubs, of which there are quite a lot on the island. The nightlife of Malta is incredibly diverse, so all lovers of a fun and noisy holiday in the company of friends will find a large selection of unique options.

Most of the island’s nightlife is located in Paceville/St. Julian’s. You can find interesting places for an incendiary pastime in other cities and tourist centers, so that every guest of the country can get a lot of pleasure from traveling.


Traveling to Malta is a real kaleidoscope of vivid impressions, thanks to which every day spent on the island will be filled with positive emotions. There is a lot of entertainment here, so everyone can choose what will interest him: from an adrenaline rush in local casinos to discovering stunning corners during various excursions.