Collaboration between Maltese football clubs and casinos

Gambling companies seem to be fighting over who will sponsor football teams these days. Every day, we hear about a popular football club signing a deal with a sponsor casino. These deals can cost millions of dollars and include sponsoring everything from equipment to matches to advertisements.

Maltese clubs don’t fall short in this area, too. Some of the biggest clubs have landed good casino sponsorship deals already. In this article, we’ll tell you why these sponsorships exist and what the newest deals on the Maltese market are today.

Why Casinos Sponsor Football Teams

At the beginning of every season, big sports teams sign deals with a casino sponsor. These deals are usually multi-billion dollars’ worth and are used for everything from uniform purchases to sports team branding to building stadiums. But, why do casinos make such deals in the first place?

To Boost Brand Awareness

Increasing awareness for a company is very important, especially if that company operates online like many casinos do today. The targeted audience of an online casino includes sports fans. These are a group of people who is highly likely to place sports wagers or play casino games.

When the casinos attract their targeted audience, they’ll shower them with bonuses, give them access to many great games, and offer them an amazing experience. In the case of top-rated casinos with great reward programs such as the bonus gratuit Casino Rewards program, players get exactly what they are promised. They find the information on match billboards, in sponsored TV ads, in social media marketing posts, and on the jerseys of the players.

When you see the sponsor’s logo in the background of a trending match, you’ll associate it long after. You’ll recognize it when you search for online casinos. This is the main reason why gambling companies often sign casino sponsorship in football and invest millions of dollars in making it happen.

To Build Trust

Marketing is about converting potential players into actual players. It informs the targeted audience that you have services and products they need. It tells them when you have new products. On top of that, it’s proof to the people that your brand is genuine.

In other words, the more active casinos are in events such as football matches, the more trustworthy they appear. This helps them increase the level of trust among people.

To Get More Bettors

Football teams have many benefits from finding sponsors. But, this is an opportunity for the other side, too. Gambling companies are sponsors for casino betting, too. If they offer betting on sports matches, promoting their business on jerseys and matches makes it very likely that players will visit their site and bet on it.

This is even more likely to happen if there’s a bonus or great odds in the picture. People will see the bonus or the attractive odds, sign up on the website, and place their bet and possibly future bets there. In this way, casinos get more customers, which is their main goal when they sponsor football teams.

Take, for instance, the BetMGM and their sponsorship deal with the Pittsburg Steelers. In 2020, they announced that the sports betting company is their first sponsorship partner. The company has already invested millions in this team, and their partnership has certainly been fruitful.

Today, players who want to do football betting on the Steelers will see the signs, logo, and ads from this gambling company every time they research the team or watch a match. They’ll see the company’s name, be offered deals, check out their odds, and possibly place their wagers on the company’s official website.

This is just one successful example of a gambling company sponsoring a popular football team in the world.

Sponsorship Deals between Maltese Clubs and Gambling Companies

The latest news in this sector is the sponsorship deal between two Sliema-based sports organizations and The ComeOnGroup.

The first is the Sliema Aquatic Sports Club or ASC. This is a water polo team that was founded back in 1917. The second is Sliema Wanderers FC, a football club from 1909.

The company partnered with the 2 organizations to support them, but also to promote their brand and build awareness. This specific partnership will benefit everyone included – the clubs, the community, and the company.

That’s not the only sponsorship, though.

The Maltese National Team is sponsored by Xace. This is the Official Payment partner of this team as well as Malta FA. It’s also the official payment service provider of Sliema Wanderers FC, the most popular football team in Malta.

MeridianBet, an online gaming platform based in Europe, promotes and supports Maltese sports since 2021. It decided to support 2 football teams – Valletta FC and Zabbar St. Patrick FC. The first was founded in 1943 and competes in the Premier League. The latter recently won promotion from the National Amateur League to the Challenge League.

Valetta has won the Maltese Premier League 25 times at this point. It also won the Maltese Super Cup 13 times, and the Maltese FA Trophy 14 times. They have played against Juventus, Inter, and other popular teams, though not with much success.


Sponsoring football teams have always been a smart investment, especially for businesses in the gambling world. This is not purely business. It’s also a way to give to the community, connect with them, and support sports. It’s why sponsorships are so greatly acknowledged around the world. Football fans, including those in Malta, are more trusting of companies that invest in the teams they love and follow. In return, the sponsoring companies enjoy all the benefits that come with these investments – wider reach and more customers on their pages. It’s a win-win for all.