Educational Goals: Thriving in Maltese Football Culture

Although Malta is a small country, the local football association was established in 1900, which makes it one of the oldest institutions in the world of this popular sport. You can find local leagues, excellent football schools, and tournaments where players of all ages can participate. Leaving statistical data and premier league standings aside, it must be mentioned that football culture and thriving are literally ingrained in the way how this sport is approached. You can find people playing in the streets and on the country’s luxurious beaches. All of it helps people to communicate and learn from each other. It creates a sense of community, mutual respect, and loyalty. 

Photo by Alessandro De Bellis on Unsplash

Educational Goals: Thriving in Maltese Football Culture 

– Good in Academics, Good in the Game. 

It goes without saying that those learners who do well at school are also good regarding teamwork, cooperation, and attitude. The Maltese football culture always focuses on family relations and the importance of being a good student. While we may not meet the “bad grades – no football” rule, most teachers ask to support bright athletes struggling with their essays. Now, older athletes who are already enrolled in college may seek dissertation writing services as a way to get over more complex tasks. Asking for assistance is only natural when you are struggling with your studies. The caring football community is also ready to help! 

– Addressing Physical Development Issues. 

Physical education does not end with school lessons or extracurricular activities, as both young and old play football together. Every minute is used as an opportunity to spend more time outside. As a small country, Malta manages to keep children away from technology, where many physical development issues are addressed with the help of family culture and grandparents. As children and teens spend time together with the older generation, sports help to erase the borders and establish an educational and generational bond as well! 

– Making Football Accessible. 

Most importantly, both the Malta Football Association and the governmental institutions work hand in hand to make football accessible. It involves work in the infrastructure and free football lessons for youngsters and families that struggle financially. It helps to meet educational goals as children and parents tend to communicate and share through the lens of sports and achievements. Many charity and volunteering activities for students and teachers also help to promote the national football culture and ideas. 

– Promotion of a Healthy Way of Life. 

Maltese football culture is not only about watching the games or kicking the ball somewhere at the beach. It also involves numerous social campaigns, social media competitions, TV shows for kids, and shiny magazines. Belonging to this culture, you can also start a blog or compose an excellent article to tell your story as you promote a healthy way of life. If you are struggling with English, you can approach essay writers as a solution. Just stay honest, and you will inspire people with your sincerity and a positive example of how teamwork and thriving can make a change. 

The Socio-cultural Aspect

While we all know about traditions in English soccer and the cultural points surrounding it, it poses a striking difference when compared to how football is approached in Spain or Italy. It’s basically a part of the country’s heritage that people learn since kindergarten age. It becomes a part of the learning process as youngsters receive their first ball and learn how to cooperate and wait patiently for their time in the queue to join the game. Speaking of Maltese football culture, it strives to reflect the country’s freedom, dignity, and friendliness, which are always reflected in the national team and attitude. It is more than a sport for Maltese people as it’s a way of life, as can be seen in how people support their local teams and live all things football. 


Josh Garner cannot imagine his life without football as he strives to make it accessible for learners of all ages and backgrounds. As an educator passionate about culture and physical development, he loves to write and share helpful ideas. Follow Josh to learn more about football around the world and make your studies fun.