Integration of Gambling and Sports Culture in Malta

Most of the elite and reputed casino and sports betting sites have a Malta licence these days. It often makes one wonder how extensive is the iGaming licensing industry in Malta. How did it all start? What makes Malta licences preferred the world over? We look at the answers to all these questions and more in the following sections. Also, we look at how gambling has aided the sports industry. It certainly has impacted fan engagement. Gambling on sports such as football helps fans engage more with their favourite teams, matches and more. This also has positive effects on sponsors, brands and other marketing activities.

Evolution of Gambling in Malta

If you search with the keywords casino online in Malta of you are bound to find hundreds of licensed websites under Malta Gaming Authority. Indeed, statistics show that, today there are about 26.2 million gaming accounts registered under this licensee. Hence, this proves, without a doubt, how well-regulated and recognized is the iGaming authority of Malta.

If we go back in time, Malta was one of the first countries to legalise all forms of gambling online within the frame of the European Union. It began so long ago, in 2004. Since then it started to attract gaming companies across the world. It was possible because of the favourable policies of taxation it offered. Also, MGA combined its licences with favourable infrastructure support. They also had skilled legal and support personnel to provide consulting services. 

Over the years Malta has updated gambling legislation continuously. They have ensured that consumers feel protected. Also, they have strict laws to stop money laundering practices. Over time their laws have evolved by EU regulations. As a result, most European casino operators find it convenient to set up domains under MGA regulations. The licence also gives them an international presence. That is because many countries across the world recognize and allow MGA-licensed gambling to prevail online.

The intersection of Football and Gambling

If we look at gambling and football, it is one of the games that brings in high revenues for the betting industry. This includes offline and online betting avenues in total. For instance, one prime example is the matches of the Premier League in Europe. All clubs, across England and other parts of the European Union, are entrenched in gambling. These include several online and offline gambling domains and brands. 

If we look at how gambling promotes football frenzy, it is obvious in so many ways. During the days of billboard and TV ads, one could see the promotions only for specific timelines. Today, most sports betting sites make the most of these matches and tournaments. There are promotions and offers for fans to sign up with. Also, there are in-play or pre-play promotions that fans take up before or during matches. These activities help increase viewership and engagement to a large extent.

Impact on Fan Experience and Engagement

MGA-licensed sites offer various sports betting promotions. These help heighten fan engagement and their experiences in many ways:

  • All sports betting websites have special welcome offers; these include exclusive football offers during leagues or tournaments.
  • MGA allows all sports bettors to design promotions as per the sports categories; accordingly, different types of football bets are popular.
  • Fans can make the most of bets such as parlays, prop bets, money line or spread bets on different football matches.
  • Many bookmakers introduce special promos during league matches or tournaments; these include over or under-bets, full or half-time bets, teasers, pleasers and others.

Indeed, statistics show that, nowadays most gamblers use several bets during football matches. This helps them ensure wins. It also ensures that the fans would be watching the matches overall. Hence, gambling certainly helps increase the engagement and experiences of the fans.

Sponsorship and Economic Implications

Sports betting has helped increase sponsorship and related marketing activities. Among them, football has ranked as one of the highest betting activities in 2022, for the UK. It drew in a total of 1.1 billion pounds as gross gaming revenue. This was across online and offline betting avenues. Online betting sites mostly hold UKGC and Malta authority licences.

Sponsorships spread across football merchandise and gear brands. They also extend to betting brands. For instance, Betway is a reputed brand, especially when it comes to online betting in sports. Other brands such as Bet365, and Sportsbet are companies that are associated with football clubs in a big way. These are big names that act as sponsors for different football clubs and tournaments. 

In early times it was mostly lifestyle brands such as food and beverages, apparel and shoe companies associated with football clubs and tournaments. With online gambling becoming a major economic factor, most online brands have become sponsors as well. 


Malta is a unique island nation that has made the iGaming industry successful and legitimate. The iGaming legislation and licensing industry started early here and is growing in Malta. Thanks to its standardised and convenient licensing norms, it helps hundreds and thousands of sports betting and gambling domains to run. Football is one of the high revenue earners in the sports betting industry. European licensed sites can cash in on the numerous leagues and tournament matches every year. Indeed, many of the online brands have become major sponsors of football clubs and matches as well.