BOV Premier League temporarily suspended

The BOV Premier League has been temporarily suspended. This decision was taken by the Council of the Malta Football Association during a meeting on Monday. One of the main topics for discussion was the effect of the decision of the Board to Investigate Corrupt Practices to relegate with immediate effect Vittoriosa FC to the BOV First Division.
After that the MFA president informed the council of the decision of the board and the decision of the Executive Committee regarding the composition of the BOV Premier and BOV First Division leagues 2009/2010, a discussion on the number of clubs which should form these two divisions ensued. The council agreed that both divisions should be composed of ten clubs each. 
In view of the fact that the decision in the Marsaxlokk FC case is still pending the council decided to suspend the BOV Premier Division league and decided to continue its meeting on the 17th of September 2009 hoping that by that date the board would have given its decision in the Marsaxlokk FC case.
At the same time the council urged the board to conclude the Marsaxlokk FC case as early as possible taking also into account the council meeting of the 17th of September.