New clinic at Centenary Stadium

The Malta Football Association has just opened a clinic at the Centenary Stadium which will offer tests to all players registered with member clubs.
Tests for the time being are on a voluntary basis but the association’s objective is to make these tests compulsory in the near future in order to make it possible to identify at an early stage any medical problems a player may have. After tests are carried out, results are given to the player who should then refer to his personal doctor or the club doctor for the analysis of results.
Speaking on Wednesday, MFA president Dr Joe Mifsud said that the association is assigning three days for each club to send their players to have their medical tests carried out for a nominal fee, starting from Premier League clubs in alphabetical order.
However unfortunately one of the first clubs to be contacted to have their players tested at the clinic, did not even bother to reply.
Dr Mifsud thanked the Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport for their help in obtaining the equipment for the clinic.