No progress registered with regards to Gzira United premises


During the last ten years, Gzira United FC officials have held numerous meetings with Mr Ben Muscat C.E.O. Midi p.l.c., Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries from the Government regarding the problems they were, and are facing but absolutely no progress has been made regarding premises for the club and nursery at Manoel Island.
Due to the impending MIDI project, Gzira United are unable to maintain the premises to a reasonable standard, as they are not sure when the works at Manoel Island will commence. It is difficult enough to collect funds to run the club, let alone if they had to ‘throw’ hard-earned money away in maintaining the property when this could be demolished soon after.
Gzira United had asked government Ministers and MIDI representatives if it was possible to use some other ‘rooms’ that are presently not being used, and that are situated close by to our Football Pitch but were left without a reply. They had asked if there was a property in Gzira which could be allocated to the club in order to use as a Football Club but this request was also ignored. The club is now asking: If the Royal Malta Yacht Club were accommodated at Ta’ Xbiex, and one problem solved, can Gzira Utd FC & Nursery be accommodated at the old Empire Stadium?
Gzira United feel that there is a total case of apathy towards the Gzira United Football Club and the Football Nursery, and to some extent towards the ‘Gzirjani’. They did not come to this conclusion without reason. Volunteers run our club, but these have been on the decrease every year and a visit to our premises will surely explain why! There are parents who are refusing to help out at the club, and even worse they are enrolling their children in the many other nurseries that surround Gzira. The club and nursery are doing their utmost to keep children under their control and away from all the problems they can meet out on the streets, but as years go by, they are finding this more difficult. In fact, the number of children in the Gzira nursery has dwindled from 220 to 65.
The club have even had Parliamentary Questions asked on their behalf regarding the granting of a ‘Title’ to Gzira United Football Club and Nursery once the Community Ground is ready. Even in this simple matter the replies given were always vague, and not once did they mention that the title was in fact being given to our club. 
The club asks: “Why is it so difficult to put our member’s minds at rest that once the Community Ground is ready, this will rightly be transferred to us?”
“We do have a suggestion that could help us solve this situation.” 
“The agreement between MIDI and the Government on Manoel Island includes the Community Ground that we will be running once ready. The site were this Community Ground is to be built is already allocated. Therefore, in view of everything that we have written in this letter, what is holding the building of this Community Ground and the transfer of the ‘Title’ of this same ground to the Gzira United Football Club? This would help solve our current situation and certainly enhance the bad image that unfortunately our hometown holds.”