MFA EGM: Amendment to increase members to represent Division 2, 3 clubs in Executive Committee approved

An amendment to the statute of the Malta Football Association which caters for the increase of the number of members in the Executive Committee to represent clubs in the Second Division and the Third Division from one to two each was approved during an Extraordinary General Meeting which was held at the Centenary Hall on Thursday.

This meeting was held following a request of the majority of the Members of the Association.

All members present voted in favour.

The amendment deals with Rule 51 in Part III – Organs and Officers of the Association and Powers and Duties: The composition of the Executive Committee, elections and term of office of ordinary members.

The rule now states:

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President of the Association, the other officers of the Association, and of a number of ordinary members to be elected at each Annual General Meeting of the Association, from amongst current Council Members who are not the Officers of the Association, as follows:
eight (8) members shall be elected from amongst the Council Members representing the Member Clubs taking part in the National League of the Association (two per division); and a number of members representing the Member Clubs in any other division of the National League of the Association (one per division

All the members present voted in favour of a motion stating that this amendment would take place with immediate effect and therefore in the coming weeks, an election to fill this two new vacancies is necessary. The election will be carried out during a meeting of the Council of the Malta Football Association.

The number of ordinary members in the Executive Committee of the Malta Football Association will therefore increase from twelve to fourteen: ten representing member clubs, one representing The Youth FA, two representing Member Associations and one representing the Gozo FA.

If in future, a Fourth Division is created, clubs in that division will be represented by one member in the Executive Committee.