Futsal: Los Street Boyz crowned Second Division champions

Season 2009-2010 is over. The dust has settled and it’s time to congratulate the boys that started their passion for football while playing together in the streets: Los Street Boyz.

It has been a season where the Boyz have experienced excellent form and on the odd occasion moments where games where lost that should have been won. The only two defeats in the season only helped to strengthen and improve the team’s performance. Emphasizing their strong bond and passion for the game which saw them overcame these moments and bounced back in a way that only the great teams can.

Winning the Second Division Section A, enabled the Boyz to secure promotion to the First Division. A well-deserved promotion. Not only for winning the section but for the hard work they have all put into making this season a successful and memorable one.

Winning the championship decider against Sliema Bilbao crowned Los Street Boyz as the MFA Futsal Second Division Champions for season 2009-2010.

Congratulations to Sliema Bilboa on putting on a fine performance and we wish them all the best in the 1st division next season.

Trophies and medals where presented to the players and coach at the end of the match by MFA vice-president Mr Ludovico Micallef and MFA Futsal Secretary Mario Gauci.

The season for Los street Boyz isn’t quite over yet as the boyz will be in action again in the running for the First and Second Division Knock-Out, where they will be meeting White Eagles in the quarter-finals on May 29th.

A big thanks goes to our dedicated coach Fredi Borg from all the players. Also a big thanks to every player in the team and mostly the people who never gave up on them and have always been there to support them: their girlfriends/wives, parents and fellow supporters and friends whom most of them were always present during the training sessions and league games!