New Mtarfa FC committee elected

Mtarfa FC elected the new committee for season 2010/11 during its Annual General Meeting.

Founder Mr. Joseph Vassallo was re-elected to the post of president for the fifth consecutive year, since the club’s foundation. Mr. Anton Mifsud and Mr. Paul Mifsud were confirmed as Vice-Presidents, Simon Spiteri as club secretary and Ian Sansone as assistant secretary. Finance will be under the responsibility of John Said with the assistance of Paul Mifsud.

The other members of the committee are PRO Gilbert Cauchi, Team Manager Angelo Borg and Bradley Borg, kit manager Joseph Person, assistant team manager Tano Zammit Cordina while Carmel Cumbo is in charge of Marketing and Branding.

Meanwhile the club is in search for qualified players with experience in MFA competitive leagues. Those interested can visit the club’s website or contact the secretary on 99250097 for an appointment.