Floriana Summer Soccer School

Once again for the sixth year running Floriana F.C. Nursery organised the Floriana Summer Soccer School.

About 65 boys are attending this year’s summer school and each boy has 2 training sessions per week for the period of 8 weeks, which will come to an end on the 28th August with the usual Summer BBQ. As usual, this summer school is a success and boys attending enjoyed these 8 weeks of training.

Floriana F.C. Nursery is accepting applications for children between the ages of 5 and 16 years to form part of our teams for the forthcoming season 2010/2011.

All those interested are kindly requested to contact either: Mr Laurence Borg on 9985 9099 or Mr Philip Pisani on 79708243 or else email on florianafcnursery@gmail.com