Second phase of Administrators' Course to be held this weekend

The second part of the administrators’ course for MFA member club officials and those of member associations will be run on Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th August. The course, held under the auspices of FIFA, is meant to help personnel at administrative level cope with the increasing and more specialised demands of running the sports entities as envisaged on modern lines.

The participants, totalling almost 50, were engaged in an absorbing first two days last weekend during which they were given a deep insight of different aspects of running a club or an association. The main speakers are three, namely Eva Pasquier, Itamar Chizik and Jean-Luc Gripond, all from FIFA.

The course was inaugurated by President Norman Darmanin Demajo last Saturday with Eva Pasquier, FIFA Senior Manager Development (Europe) making an introduction. The MFA President was again present at the final session on Sunday, when he again stressed that clubs and their well-being are his main priority. He encouraged the participants to continue their invaluable work towards giving better service to the clubs.

The subjects under scrutiny include the way a club functions, the importance of Human Relations Management, planning and financing of a club, inter-relations at administrative level and event management and security.

The participants will be in for another intensive theoretical and practical second session this coming weekend which will be concluded by reports and recommendations of the various groups

The MFA is satisfied that this administrators’ course will go a long way towards enhancing the levels of running a sports club or organisation both on a day to day level as well as long term. The quality of the guest speakers was of the highest standard as can be seen from their brief profiles as hereunder:

Eva Pasquier – Holds an MBA Diploma and has worked for different organisations in areas of strategy and business development. Has been connected with FIFA for the 7 years during which she was also involved in the organisation’s professionalisation progamme. She was also a part of the team which created ‘The Football Management Manual’.

Itamar Chizik – Chief Executive Officer of Maccabi Haifa FC. Currently serving as an ECA on the Executive Board. Holder of a BA Degree in Political Science.

Jean-Luc Gripond – FIFA MA Professionalisation Programme Marketing Consultant and Instructor. Worked in Sports for 20 years and was Formula One CEO. An expert in the marketing process for sports entities from strategy of marketing to field sales.