Fixed ticket-price of €6 for Premier League matches

The Malta Football Association announced a new ticket price system for BOV Premier League matches thanks to which now entrance will be at a fixed ticket price of €6 for all sides, for men, women, children and senior citizens. Details were revealed by MFA Honorary Treasurer Antoine Portelli during a press conference at the Centenary Hall, Ta’ Qali.

Portelli said that this decision was taken following a unanimous agreement with Premier League clubs during a meeting which was held last week. Ticket-prices for matches in other divisions will remain the same, i.e. BOV First Division: Male Adults – €5, Women, Children and Senior Citizens – €2.50 and BOV Second and Third Division: Male Adults – €4, Women, Children & Senior Citizens – €2.50.

The MFA Treasurer announced that the association will no longer take its 40% from gate money. This amounted to a total of €600,000 over the past three years – an average of €200,000 annually.

Gate money for Premier League matches will be be shared between the two or four clubs for each particular match day. For Second Division matches, money for each match day will also be shared between the four clubs. On the other hand, in case of the Third Division, the previous system will be retained with the total amount being divided between all the clubs. No decision has been taken so far with regards to the First Division. In the very near future, the association plans to distribute gate money on a monthly basis.

The Malta Football Association also plans to introduce season tickets but it was not possible to introduce them as from this season due to the short time-span. These should be introduced next year.

The MFA Treasurer announced that the current ‘stewards’ system will be suspended for the time being as the association eventually intends to introduce a proper system of stewards after these are given appropriate training. He said that stewards should help in the cutting of costs as they would replace in part the number of police officers at the different venues. He said that the ten passes which used to be distributed to ‘stewards’ will be given as follows: five passes for helpers and another five passes for band players.

Portelli also announced that active UEFA A and B Licenced coaches will be granted access to all venues since the association understood the need of coaches to watch matches not only from the particular division their team is playing but also others.