Malta drawn with Lithuania, France and Bulgarian in UEFA Futsal EURO 2012

Malta was drawn in Group 4 of the UEFA Futsal EURO 2012 preliminary round together with Lithuania, France and Bulgaria. The preliminary and qualifying round draws were made in Nyon on Friday.

A record 42 teams are competing for 11 places in the finals early in 2012 alongside hosts Croatia. Of those, 18 have been given a bye to the six qualifying round groups played from 24 to 27 February 2011, with section winners going through to the finals alongside the five best runners-up.

The six remaining qualifying round slots, one in each group, will be filled by the winners of the preliminary round mini-tournaments played from 20 to 24 January, which include the four competition debutants: Iceland, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

UEFA Futsal EURO 2012
Preliminary round draw
Matches 20-24 January 2011, winners to qualifying round
Group A: Moldova, Turkey (hosts), Montenegro, Switzerland
Group B: Greece, Latvia, Armenia, Iceland (hosts)
Group C: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (hosts), Georgia, England, Estonia
Group D: Lithuania, France, Bulgaria, Malta (hosts)
Group E: Finland (hosts), Cyprus, Albania, San Marino
Group F: Israel, Andorra, Republic of Ireland (hosts), Norway

Qualifying round draw
Matches 24-27 February 2011, winners and five best runners-up to finals with hosts Croatia
Group 1: Spain, Azerbaijan (hosts), Kazakhstan, Winner preliminary round Group D
Group 2: Russia, Serbia, Netherlands (hosts), Winner preliminary round Group E
Group 3: Portugal, Belarus, Poland (hosts), Winner preliminary round Group C
Group 4: Czech Republic, Romania (hosts), Slovakia, Winner preliminary round Group F
Group 5: Ukraine (hosts), Hungary, Belgium, Winner preliminary round Group A
Group 6: Italy, Slovenia (hosts), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Winner preliminary round Group B