€289,328 in solidarity payments for local clubs

Local clubs will be receiving a share of €289,328 in the form of solidarity payments for associations whose clubs are not playing in the UEFA Champions League from the revenue generated by the top European competition at club level. Money from this UEFA solidarity programme is earmarked exclusively for the training of young players.

No decision has been taken yet as to how these funds will be distributed and the MFA Executive Committee will be discussing the matter in the coming days. In recent years, money from this solidarity programme was distributed to all licensed nurseries according to the licence obtained.

In agreement with the European Club Association, the amount distributed to the clubs concerned was increased for the 2009/10 season, so much so that almost €68 million, significantly more than the €43 million or so paid the previous season, will be handed out as part of this solidarity programme.

The distribution criteria have also been adjusted and stipulate that:
? the funds must be shared equally among all benefiting clubs;
? the funds must only be paid to clubs which have a youth training programme that complies with the requirements of the national club licensing regulations and must be used for youth training and community development programmes;
? the money is paid to the national associations, which are responsible for transferring the full amount to their national league for distribution to the clubs;
? a record should be kept of how much each club receives.

During a meeting of the Council of the Malta Football Association on Thursday, representatives from Premier League clubs said that during a meeting of the Premier League Clubs Standing Committee, they were told that money had to be distributed between the ten Premier League clubs for season 2009/10.

However associations have the right to change the distribution criteria, in accordance with UEFA.