Festivals organised by Pietà Hotspurs nursery

The Pietà Hotspurs Youth Nursery is inviting nurseries to take part in one or more festivals organised by the nursery throughout the season. Festivals, which will be held on a round-robin format, will be held at the nursery’s synthetic turf pitch in Pietà with the exception of the Under-11 and Under-12 festivals which will be held at St. Aloysius.

Under-8 festivals will be played on a 5-a-side basis, Under-9 and Under-10 on a 7-a-side basis, Under-11 and Under-12 on a 9-a-side and Under-13 on an 8 a-side basis.

The second edition of the festival for girls, born 1995 or younger will also be held. The festival will be played on a 7-a-side basis and teams are allowed to have one player born 1994.

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis.

These festivals are scheduled as follows:
Under-13 (Born 1998) Saturday 30th October
Under-8 (Born 2003) Saturday 20th November
Under-9 (Born 2002) Saturday 27th November
Under-10 (Born 2001) Sunday 6th March
Under-11 (Born 1999) and Under-12 (Born 2000) Saturday 26th February
Girls (born 1995 or later) Friday 19th November

Each player will be rewarded with a token for participation.

Registration fees are as follows: Under-8 and Under-9 – €50; Under-10, Under-13 and Girls – €70 (including €20 referees’ fee); Under-11 and Under-12 – €100 (including €50 ground and referees’ fee).

For more info, email biggona@yahoo.co.uk