Senglea players, summer activities' participants rewarded in end-of-season presentation

Players for season 2009/10 and participants in the Summer Activities organised by the Senglea Athletic Youth Nursery, were rewarded during the nursery’s annual end-of-season presentation which was held at the Senglea promenade, in front of the nursery premises.

Present for this occasion, apart from the Senglea Nursery players, participants in the Summer Activities, relatives and friends, were also a number of distinguished guests, including MFA president Norman Darmanin Demajo Senglea mayor Joe Casha and other top officials from the other nurseries from Cottonera.

In his speech, Senglea Nursery President Stephen Spiteri mentioned the role that Senglea Nursery plays in the Senglea community. He said that the main objective is that to gather all Senglea children and youngsters together in order to enjoy themselves, in a safe and protected environment. For this reason, many activities organized by this nursery are open to all those wishing to participate and not only for those within the nursery.

The most important happening in this regards are the Summer Activities programme with indoor, outdoor and swimming competitions held over six weeks. All these activities are open to all those wishing to participate and are free of charge. These Summer Activities have been organised for the past three years and these activities, were last year rewarded as best nursery in Malta that organised Summer Activities, by both the Y.F.A. and UEFA.

Spiteri mentioned difficulties that a small nursery has to face and the hindrances encountered in order to provide the necessary and adequate facilities. Senglea Nursery is constantly aiming at providing the best facilities possible for these youths and youngsters in order not to lose them due to lack of facilities.

Two years ago, in a collaboration between Senglea’s Local Council and Senglea Nursery, a state-of-the-art pitch was inaugurated at the area called Tal-Ponta. However this football ground is too small for the training of players over the age of thirteen. Therefore, the nursery together with the parent club are aiming to upgrade the Corradino C Football Ground with artificial turf, adequate lighting and fencing. Senglea Athletic have been training in this football ground for the past 25 years but the current state of the football ground is no longer safe and therefore the nursery suspended its training sessions at this venue. Should this football ground be upgraded, this would surely give an incentive for Senglea youths to train and be part of the Senglea nursery. In the meantime, the nursery requested permission for its Under-15 and Under-17 teams to train at the St. Margaret College ground but this request still remains unanswered by the KMS.

The Senglea nursery president revealed the possibility of the Cottonera nurseries joining forces and play competitive games under the name of Cottonera United. This is due to the fact that Cottonera’s younger population is diminishing, therefore leading to a lesser number of players available to play for the Cottonera teams. He said that if this proposal were to be accepted, the Cottonera would have a strong and competitive team, therefore leading to renewed interest and enthusiasm. Talks with the association have already started following the approval of the St. George’s and Vittoriosa Stars nurseries of the Senglea nursery’s proposal.

Spiteri mentioned with satisfaction, the official inauguration of Cottonera’s new waterpolo club – the Cottonera Aquatic. This Waterpolo Club has the intention of training Cottonera’s children and youths in swimming and in the waterpolo game, with the intention of forming a team in the coming years.

MFA president Norman Darmanin Demajo, started his speech by recalling that three years ago, the Senglea Nursery president had invited him to see in which condition Senglea Nursery’s players were training. At that time, their training sessions were held on the roof of Senglea’s Catholic Action premises. Darmanin Demajo stated that alot of progress has been done by this nursery and today Senglea Nursery has a remarkable 5-a-side ground. He admitted that this ground, is truly too small for proper training sessions to be held by the Under-15 and Under-17 sides. Darmanin Demajo assured those present that once Senglea Athletic obtain legal title over the Corradino Ground, the association will do its best to help them upgrade this football ground.

After Darmanin Demajo’s speech, the distinguished guests present distributed trophies and medals to all Senglea Nursery’s players and to the participants of the Summer Activities. These guests were given a commemorative memento for attending such an important event for Senglea Nursery.

Meanwhile the Senglea Nursery was honoured to receive the President of the Republic Dr. George Abela at its premises on Sunday.

Dr Abela was given a warm welcome by the committee and players of the Senglea Nursery. He praised the nursery for aiming at gathering Senglea youths in a healthy and educational environment. Senglea Nursery President Stephen Spiteri thanked him for his visit and presented him with a commemorative token.